• Your personal backup space: it is a 1TB data storage,
  • Don't lose your computer data accidentally by synchronizing your documents with OneDrive,
  • Use OneDrive to share documents with other users.


  • Your personal information space (appearing in email signature and within the directory): update your job title, your rescue email, your phone number and your signature...
  • This information is required for Newrest users to communicate with each others.


  • Click here to find phone number or email address of Newrest employees,
  • Lot of search criteria : Country, Department, Job type and of course name and username.

File Transfer

 File Transfer

  • Send sized files to your team members or customers (it looks like a Newrest branded "WeTransfer"),
  • Share your files and data in a secure environment.



  • Group documents for each department : HR / Communication / Marketing / Digital / Commercial / Remote Site / QHSE / Finance / Legal / IT / SDC,
  • Toolbox, newsletters, processes...



  • Access your mailbox remotely (anytime, anywhere...),
  • Also the first site to visit when you get some internet trouble or settings with your Outlook.

Self-Service Password update

 Self Password update

  • With the new Group security policies, you have to change your password every 3 months,
  • This website enables you to change your password from anywhere.

Self-Service Password reset

 Lost Password

  • Lost your password ? Recover it by yourself: if you already have filled your rescue email address in 'MyProfile', just enter your corporate user name (Left part of and password reinitialization link will be sent to your rescue email address.

Help Desk


  • An issue with your IT tools ? Send your request here !
  • Requests will be assigned to your local It department first, then if it's not possible to resolve the problem, it will be escalated to headquarters IT department.


 Email Quarantine

  • On this website, you may manage your email quarantine (mails blocked by antispam engine).
  • You can either suppress or release messages to your inbox.


 IT Dashboard

  • Only for IT People
  • Need to restart your Winrest Site?
  • Need to check your databases backup statut?
  • Contact our Headquarter IT team to get access



  • Send a whistleblowing report if you witness a situation presenting a risk of violation/proven violation of legislation, the principles of Newrest Code of Conduct or representing a danger or threat to the public interes.


  • Newrest perpetual improvment tool for all departments as part of Newrest quality strategy.


 Reports Server

  • Reports from the Newrest databases (Winrest, IT, others, etc...).



  • Write a news and share pictures for Newrest’s website. For any support please contact :


 Activity Report

  • This website presents our Activity report, in the main three languages.